Pastora® herbicide helps maintain clean bermudagrass in pastures and rights of w

Pastora® Herbicide


Producing more desirable grass improves cattle performance, increases revenue per acre and supports long-term return on investment. This issue focuses on strategic weed control as one key to effective pasture management.

Winter provides necessary downtime for pastures and a good opportunity to consider new strategies for gaining more from your land and input investments in the year ahead.

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For Progressive Forage Growers

Craig Alford shares forage management tips to help beef producers increase grass per acre, boost overall operation efficiency and increase profit potential.

“Growing Pains” by Better Roads magazine: What happens when budget shortfalls cut back vegetation management? ROW weed management takes a new direction when DOT teams face shrinking budgets.

Recent drought in the South and floods in the North spell unique challenges for pasture and range management. Well-timed spring weed control is critical to helping pastures recover.

Weed Wise helps industrial and utility land managers control vegetation and improve crew productivity to promote public safety.

Weed Wise helps managers of rangeland and pasture acres control invasive weeds and brush to improve hay and forage quality and protect land and livestock investments.