DuPont™ Synchrony® XP herbicide provides a boost to glyphosate for broadleaf wee

Synchrony® XP Herbicide


Dandelions have become an increasing problem since many growers shifted to reduced-tillage or no-till systems. After the crop has been harvested in the fall, weeds such as dandelions begin to grow as they prepare to overwinter.

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Daily crop updates, including corn, soybean and wheat reports, from local agronomists in 11 Midwestern states.

DuPont™ Classic® and Synchrony® XP postemergence herbicides can enhance the performance of a herbicide program for soybeans with the LibertyLink gene.

Soybean varieties with the STS®/Roundup Ready stacked-trait provides the opportunity for excellent weed control with a combination of glyphosate and DuPont™ Synchrony® XP herbicide