Viewpoint® delivers simple, effective brush control for safer utility and indust

Viewpoint® Herbicide


Balancing FERC compliance, public concern and delivery of safe, reliable power. Read more from Electric Energy T&D.

Strategic herbicide selection and application timing support effective brush management plans that meet the needs of utilities, landowners, public users and natural habitats.

Fall is the perfect time to control roadside weeds. Treatments at key times in weed growth cycles maximize control and make work crews more efficient to help protect public safety.

Deliver safe, reliable power while keeping maintenance budgets under control with an integrated vegetation management program that includes strategic herbicide applications.

Controlling weeds and brush is critical to maintaining safe roadways and effective utilities delivery, as well as protecting the people who maintain and provide those services. DuPont Crop Protection has valuable information and products for selective weeding, brush control and bareground management.

Protecting native vegetation and geosynthetics provide a one-two punch against roadside erosion and help contain costs. Read more from Public Works.

Sustainable utility vegetation management helps maintain safe, reliable power. Read more from Transmission & Distribution World.

Land managers have more options for controlling challenging weeds and brush while protecting public safety. DuPont has introduced DuPont™ Perspective®, DuPont™ Streamline® and DuPont™ Viewpoint® to improve performance and productivity of land management programs.

Weed Wise helps industrial and utility land managers control vegetation and improve crew productivity to promote public safety.