Brush control creates safe roadsides and utility rights of way.

Brush Control


DuPont™ Escort® XP Herbicide cost-effectively controls many annual and perennial weeds and woody plants, including Tree-of-heaven in pine plantation sites and non-crop areas, such as roadsides, right of ways and utility sites.

DuPont™ Hyvar® X Herbicide controls annual and perennial broadleaf weeds as well as brush on non-crop sites.

DuPont™ Lineage® ClearStand® Herbicide delivers economical and effective control of brush and invasive species. It combines two active ingredients that can be readily translocated throughout the plant to control key species, including tree of heaven, black locust, kudzu and invasive grasses. When used according to label, it is recognized for its low use rates and low toxicity to animal life.

Streamline® herbicide selectively controls tough brush while preserving a desirable grass understory for greater safety at utility and industrial sites.

DuPont™ Velpar® DF Herbicide provides control of smutgrass and other tough weeds in established stands of Bermuda grass and bahiagrass. It can also be used to control key broadleaf and grassy weeds as well as brush and trees on non-crop and forestry sites.

Viewpoint® herbicide improves productivity by providing simple, long-lasting control of more brush species than any single product on the market today.