Cotton Protection


DuPont™ LeadOff® herbicide provides exceptional crop rotation options and allows planting into a clean seedbed.

DuPont™ Prevathon® Insect Control powered by Rynaxypyr® delivers reliable and consistent control with less management of worm pests in cotton, corn, sugarcane, pasture and grasses.

DuPont™ Staple® LX herbicide a versatile preemerge and over-the-top tank-mix partner around for both conventional and Roundup Ready Flex seed Technology programs in cotton. It combines control of key broadleaf weeds and enhanced grass weed suppression, including morningglory, non ALS-resistant pigweed, teaweed, and annual grasses for maximum flexibility.

DuPont™ Steward® EC insecticide, is a broad-spectrum lepidoptera insecticide that also has activity on selected other pests. It controls many worm pests and other insect pests while helping protect beneficials in your alfalfa, cotton, peanuts and soybeans.

Adding DuPont™ Vydate® C-LV to your nematicide/insecticide program can help protect cotton yields and value from nematodes that seed treatments and other insecticides alone leave behind.