The right protection helps maximize soybean crop productivity.

Soybean protection


DuPont™ Abundit® Extra Herbicide offers proven control of more than 100 annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds in glyphosate-tolerant corn, soybeans and other crops.

DuPont™ Aproach™ fungicide delivers results growers can see, from plant disease control to increased yield in corn, soybeans, cereals, dry beans and canola.

DuPont™ Assure® II Herbicide improves crop establishment, yield and quality with broad-spectrum grass control, including control of volunteer corn.

DuPont™ Canopy® EX helps soybean growers create a warmer, cleaner seedbed with powerful burndown and residual weed control.

DuPont™ Canopy® Herbicide controls early-season weeds for weed-free soybeans longer. Postemergence applications can be made closer to soybean crop canopy for season-long weed control and cleaner fields at harvest.

DuPont™ Classic® Herbicide provides postemergence control of key weeds, including morningglory, hemp sesbania, yellow nutsedge and velvetleaf in soybeans.

DuPont™ Enlite® is a preemergence herbicide that offers two modes of action and contact plus residual weed control in soybeans with no soil pH restrictions.

DuPont™ Envive® Herbicide gives soybean growers peace of mind by offering longer-lasting, more consistent weed control, including glyphosate-tolerant or resistant weeds.

DuPont™ LeadOff® herbicide provides exceptional crop rotation options and allows planting into a clean seedbed.

In a tank mix with glyphosate products such as DuPont™ Abundit® Extra, Panoflex™ herbicide improves burndown weed control in cool conditions. Panoflex™ offers additional control of tough winter annual weeds, dandelions and volunteer glyphosate-resistant canola.

DuPont™ Synchrony® XP Herbicide boosts glyphosate activity on broadleaf weeds with no waiting before planting soybeans.