DuPont™ Prevathon® Insect Control

Prevathon® Insect Control


DuPont™ Aproach™ fungicide delivers results growers can see, from plant disease control to increased yield in corn, soybeans, cereals, dry beans and canola.

DuPont™ Asana® XL Insecticide delivers long-lasting control of a wide range of insect pests on field, vegetable, tree fruit and nut crops. Its unique CSO formulation (cottonseed oil) resists washoff and provides excellent UV stability — even under intense sunlight. As a result, Asana® XL remains active longer than most other pyrethroids to deliver the most control for your money.

DuPont™ Enlite® is a preemergence herbicide that offers two modes of action and contact plus residual weed control in soybeans with no soil pH restrictions.

DuPont™ Envive® Herbicide gives soybean growers peace of mind by offering longer-lasting, more consistent weed control, including glyphosate-tolerant or resistant weeds.

DuPont™ Harmony® Extra SG herbicide with TotalSol® soluble granules controls tough broadleaf weeds in wheat, including wild garlic and henbit

DuPont™ Realm® Q Herbicide provides excellent postemergence broadleaf weed control in corn, with a built-in crop safener and multiple modes of action for more control under more conditions.