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Hi-end car repair enamels of Centari® trademark are well known at both CIS and Baltic markets. These are modern paintwork materials that enable to take the maximum advantage of  each working hour minimizing consumption of materials per product unit. 

Centari® system allows preparing enamels and basic coatings of any type, recovering “metallic” and “pearl” coatings of any shade. The system combines bicomponent acrylic enamels, superhard bicomponent polyurethane materials, basic coats and polishes, coats with “special effects”.

Main characteristics of the Centari® materials:                               

· High content of dry residue

· Compliance with environmental requirements of the European Community member countries.

· High coverage 

· Time saving

· Material saving

· Perfect shining coatings

· Rapid drying

· Durability 

The Centari® system ensures perfect color retrieval. Comprehensive documentation enables quickly find color formula equivalent to factory color.

For more detailed information about the Centari®  system please visit the Web-page of «Technolak» Company (DuPont Refinish exclusive distributor in Russia) in Russian; or DuPont Refinish Europe Web-page.