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DuPont™ Cromalin® Digital

DuPont™ Cromalin® Digital family ensures maximum flexibility in the production of all types of contract proofs. This system helps accurately identify color or content problems at final stages of printing operations when undetected errors may result in printing machine downtime and financial losses.

The Cromalin® Digital continuous inkjet printing technology with an external drum provides for using a broad range of inks, ensures reproducibility and predictability of printing results and helps easily simulate all printing machine characteristics. The system is able to reproduce Pantone® and Hexachrome® scale inks.

Three Cromalin® Digital models are offered:
Cromalin® Digital AX is supplied in A2 and A4 formats providing for contract proofing with the standard resolution; images can be reproduced in the standard or expanded color range (GE version).

Cromalin® Digital AQ has the same formats and characteristics as the AX systems, but ensures both standard and enhanced resolution.

Cromalin® Digitali-Generation is supplied in A2 and A4 formats with an extended range of settings and additional nozzles for inkjet printing which improve the system efficiency. This device has enhanced resolution and reproduces images in the expanded color range (GE version).

To ensure the maximum flexibility, each of the above systems uses Adobe® PostScript level 3 language interpreter able to receive files in various formats, including PDF and DCS-2. The built-in server provides for the open architecture of links with all networks used in prepress processes. Its Java-based interface makes the system as simple and easy to use as a photocopying machine.

Using random screening in continuous inkjet printing makes it possible to achieve a greater number of gray levels per pixel that in the majority of other systems. The resolution reaches 2438 dpi (in the enhanced quality mode). It guarantees top-class reproductions of graphics and texts with the color photo quality.

The key advantage of Cromalin® Digital is proofing stability. Each system works with color profiles according to the Brunner standard as well as with other color profiles for offset, gravure, flexo, and newspaper printing. As an additional option, individual color profiles can be created by copying characteristics of any specific printing press. To ensure complete color match with order requirements, any color profile can be changed to model various paper grades; pink paper used to print financial newspapers is a good example.

Cromalin® Digital systems provide for color matching with the reproduction accuracy of ΔE=1, i.e. with the minimum color differences seen by an average human eye. It is achieved by spectrophotometric measurements rather than densitometric ones used in many competing products.

DuPont is implementing an ongoing program of improving Cromalin® Digital systems thus making sure that proofing does not lag behind changing demands in all printing industry segments. For instance, the latest software version includes utilities allowing development of color profiles, export of ICC profiles, improved workflow control system, and a special spreadout to emulate 1114 Pantone® colors. Besides, DuPont has developed its own i-certification software which guarantees color match in the remote proofing processes.