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Cronar® polyester photographic film base

Since 1955, Cronar® polyester photographic film base has served the graphic arts, imaging and medical industries.


Superior coatability, adhesion, sheet flatness, clarity and dimensional stability make Cronar® the film of choice for a wide variety of photographic and industrial imaging applications. Cronar® opaque film (black) is excellent as a substrate when opacity is required.


Transparent Cronar® films (clear or blue) are ideally suited for subsequent coating with silver halide emulsions for medical and industrial X-rays. These films also are excellent for printing and publishing, printed circuits, and other industrial end uses. Cronar® films are available in 4-, 5- and 7-mil (100-, 125- and 175-µm) thickness and in widths from 43 to 63 in (1,090 to 1,600 mm). All Cronar® products are heat-treated for superior resistance to size change and temperature.


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