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Imron vehicle painting system / Imron® Fleet Line

DuPont Refinish offers its new paint system Imron® Fleet Line (launched  in December 2004).

The core products of Imron® Fleet Line System are new families of finishing coats Imron® Elite and Imron® Traffic.

DuPont™ Imron® Fleet Line is a modern, flexible and versatile paint vehicle system of superior quality specially developed by DuPont and designed for the commercial transport market.

Both types of the coatings are manufactured on the basis of unique mixer components PowerTint® and of relevant HS and MS binding agents. Imron® Fleet Line vehicle paint system comprises the whole range of primers and fillings. Imron® Fleet Line can successfully cover a wide variety of substrates.

These concentrated mixer components with high color strength are manufactured using DuPont’s unique dispersion technology. PowerTint® mixer components are made of the most advanced high-tech pigments. PowerTint® is the most important component of Imron® finishing coatings. Its major characteristics are high coverage and color accuracy. Imron® enamels are very simple-to-use and easy to apply even if the pigments’ concentration is high.

Imron® Elite, an enamel that complies with the European VOC emission regulations (max 420 g/l of VOC in ready-to-use product), is manufactured by mixing PowerTint® mixer components with Imron® Elite EL580 binding agent. Imron® Elite enamel contains special additives that provide the ready-to-use material with unique flow characteristics. This is the first enamel in the World market (among those complying with VOC regulations) that could confidently and conveniently be applied in a single pass.

Imron® Elite HDC (Heavy Duty Coating), another enamel complying with the European VOC emission regulations (max 420 g/l of VOC in ready-to-use product), easy-to-use and characterized by much lower level of down flow.

Imron® Flat enamel complies with the European VOC emission regulations, though contains more than 420 g/l of VOC in ready-to-use product. The enamel belongs to the category of special-purpose products.
Imron® Traffic is high-quality bicomponent medium solids enamel.
Due to the use of PowerTint® technology, the enamel is characterized by perfect color reproducibility and superior gloss.

For complete technical information about each of the system’s products please visit in Technical Data Sheet section.