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Kevlar® is an aramid fiber for ballistic protection

The passive personal protection system have been booming after discovery and commercialization of new paraaramid fibers helping to develop structures which combine high ballistic properties with light weight and resistance to various exposures. The first paraaramid fiber under the trademark of Kevlar® was invented in 1965 and patented by DuPont. It was about 25 years ago that the first generation of Kevlar® fibers under the name of Kevlar® 29 was used in US ballistic vests for the first time. Due to the unique combination of high tensile strength, modulus of elasticity alongside flame retardant properties and high heat resistance, Kevlar® is also used in bulletproof and fragment protective helmets.

In subsequent years, work was concentrated on developing new improved aramid fibers. In particular, DuPont developed Kevlar® 129, a new generation of high-performance fibers in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and DuPont recently informed on developing the next generation of Kevlar® NFT fibers.

Kevlar® in fiber-optic cables

The infrastructure of major cities is unthinkable without tunnels and pipelines. This is a huge non-demanded resource which, if used, can trigger a genuine revolution in data transmission. How? Using fiber-optic cables manufactured with due regard for unique Kevlar® properties, designers and engineers may use existing lines instead of laying new ones. It has become possible due to proved unique Kevlar® properties, such as light weight and strength which allow reducing the cable cross-section. When used in suspended air cables, lightweight and strong Kevlar® makes it possible to increase the distance between supports. Besides, such cables can withstand extreme weather conditions due to enhanced strength brought about by Kevlar®. Thus, your creativity combined in a brilliant way with superb Kevlar® properties will help you solve your problems.

Kevlar® aramid pulp for asbestos-free friction items and gaskets

Kevlar® converted into pulp has excellent heat resistance, wear resistance and chemical resistance, while have no abrasion properties, which makes is the key component in asbestos-free gaskets and friction items all over the world.

Kevlar® pulp means quality guarantee and environment stewardship