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Nomex® in protective equipment.

As is known, the majority of textile materials are prone to burning. Mineral fibers are an exclusion from this rule, but they cannot be used as a protective clothing component. Therefore, invention of Nomex® metaaramid fiber by DuPont allowed switching over to a new level in flame protection. Due to its chemical formula, Nomex® has high heat resistance and chemical resistance.

The rate of material decomposition and charring rate is high only after the temperature greatly exceeds 350°С; however, the material does not melt.

Products made of Nomex® fiber retain many properties of natural textile materials. These fabrics are practical and colorful, and garments made of these fabrics ensure high comfort to wearers. The garment has high abrasion resistance, strength, and durability. Garment protective properties are further enhanced by low heat conductivity. The range of fabrics developed on the basis of Nomex® fiber helps manufacture protective garments for firefighters, oil and gas industry workers, electric power plant workers, etc. Based on its experience of over 30 years, DuPont has developed its own "Nomex® Quality Program" for protective garments, which sets quality standards for ready-made clothing made of Nomex® fibers.

Nomex® for filtration.

The excellent combination of Nomex® fiber mechanical properties, chemical resistance and heat resistance helped use it broadly in various industries. This material is used in different systems where properties typical of textiles should be adapted to high ambient temperatures. As a material for hot gas filtration, Nomex® combines superb filtering performance, resistance to temperatures of up to 200°С at continuous operation, and durability.

Nomex® metaaramid insulation materials.

The unique combination of electrical and mechanical strength, heat resistance (temperature rating of 220°С), chemical compatibility, flame retardant properties, and no toxicity. The materials are manufactures in the form of cardboards and papers of various thicknesses. They set an accepted quality standard in transformer, motor and generator insulation. They help improve electrical equipment performance, reliability, and service life.

Nomex ® mechanical paper for honeycomb production

High mechanical strength and light weight of honeycomb materials made of Nomex® papers bring about their broad use in aircraft and shipbuilding industries.

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