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NonStick Coatings Teflon®

The world’s most popular non-stick surfaces

In 1938 one of the chemists Doctor Roy Plankett discovered white powder which had outstanding non-stick features and was called Teflon®. Later on this product changed the type of cooking dramatically.

At first Teflon® was used for industrial bakeware, in early 60th last century Teflon® was applied on cookware. At the end of the last century we developed and introduced to the market the most durable and resistant coating Teflon® Platinum.

That was the first coating you can use metal utensils with and enjoy easy care cooking.

Since year 2001 all DuPont non-stick surfaces are positioned in the market under Teflon® name.

The research made all over the world confirmed the Teflon® seal is recognized and highly trusted by consumers, which underlines that Teflon® is the most popular non-stick system in the world.

Teflon® Prima,

Specially designed coating for applications on coil for bakeware, at a thickness of 6-10 microns.

Teflon® Classic,

The original certified non-stick coating that offers excellent quality and value for money in regular use. It uses an advanced two-layer coating system, and has a minimum thickness of 25 microns.

Teflon® Select,

Is more durable, and intended for more intensive use in busy kitchens. It features an advanced reinforced three-layer coating system, with a minimum thickness of 35 microns. It offers outstanding non-stick properties.

Teflon® Platinum,

Is our most scratch and abrasion resistant non-stick finish to date. It is the first Teflon® coating that is able to withstand normal metal utensils and even abrasive scouring pads. Using a three-layer coating system and with a minimum thickness of 40 microns, it contains microscopic particles of an extremely hard mineral; the metal utensils slide over these particles without damaging the Teflon® matrix in which they are set, thus preserving its non-stick properties, substrate 4 mm minimum, for aluminum.

Very smooth surface – healthy food

Teflon® coating provides a very smooth surface: nothing sticks on it even if you use a little oil, less oil – less calories.

Easy cook – easy clean

While you are cooking nothing sticks to the surface. You can easily clean it after with a soft sponge under warm water with your regular washing liquid – thanks to Teflon® non-stick coating the surface of the cookware will be clean, glossy, ready for further usage.

Safety and health

DuPont non-stick surfaces for cookware are considered as absolutely safe and harmless for peoples health.

All DuPont non-stick systems are certified for food contact. In the countries where there no particular demands or regulations DuPont and its licensees are completely responsible for observance of the general legislation for food contact.

The temperature use for cookware with Teflon® is up to 260 C. Even if you don’t use Teflon® item in a right way you won’t get any harm to your health as particles of the coating are inert and non-toxic.

DuPont non-stick coatings have been applied on cookware items, bakeware, small electrical appliances for more than 30 years already and more than 2 bln items have been sold all over the world by the current time. Not even once health was damaged irrespectively if the item was used in a right or wrong way.