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Crystal-clear water that's easy to maintain ...

Whether your pool is a favorite spot for quality family fun time ... or your spa is a soothing refuge at the end of a hectic day ... you want clear, sparkling water without hours of extra effort. When you include products containing DuPont™ Oxone® pool and spa oxidizer as part of your routine pool or spa care program (, that's exactly what you'll get. And, you'll spend less time working on your pool or spa ... and more time enjoying it with your family and friends.

Preventive maintenance that includes sanitizing plus oxidizing helps keep your pool and spa clean and sparkling.

As a pool owner, you probably are aware that all pools and spas require sanitizers like bromine and chlorine to kill microorganisms and protect bathers from disease and infection. But did you know that when sanitizers alone are used to oxidize organic contaminants, their efficiency is greatly diminished? This is because more of the sanitizer is used for oxidation. so less is available for disinfection. Without the regular addition of an oxidizing agent like DuPont™ Oxone® pool and spa oxidizer, bather waste and other organic contaminants continue to build up, causing the sanitizing chemicals to be consumed faster than they are being supplied.

Oxone® eliminates contaminants so you can relax and enjoy your pool.

DuPont™ Oxone® pool and spa oxidizer is a powerful, odorless, oxygen-based powder that allows your sanitizer to last longer and work more effectively. And, because Oxone® is chlorine-free, you don't have to worry about high chlorine levels that can keep you and your family out of the pool for extended periods of time.

The addition of an oxidizing agent like Oxone® helps burn up organic contaminants that result from bather waste (sunscreen, body oils, perspiration, urine, etc.) or external forces like wind and rain (dust, pollen, etc.). These contaminants cause your pool or spa to become dull, cloudy and unattractive. A preventive maintenance program ( that includes regular oxidation with products containing Oxone® works with the sanitizers to maintain sparkling, clear water that is free from disease- and infection-causing microorganisms. Oxone® adds a boost that promotes easier ongoing maintenance while providing water that's always inviting and ready for use.

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Products containing DuPont™ Oxone® pool and spa oxidizer let your pool or spa sparkle with benefits for the entire family. Oxone® can help keep your pool or spa clear and clean so you can spend more time enjoying it and less time working on it. Get to know DuPont™ Oxone® as part of your total pool care solution ( And then relax. With DuPont™ Oxone®, you'll see — and experience — the difference.