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DuPont™ Tyvek® Building Wraps

What is DuPont Tyvek® HomeWrap?
Tyvek Homewrap Tyvek® HomeWrap is a micro-fibrous, light yet extremely tough highly breathable building wrap that is used as an adjunct to bulk insulation in walls. Unlike perforated wraps, Tyvek® HomeWrap has no holes yet is up to 13 times more breathable than perforated wraps. Tyvek HomeWrap is very light to handle and due to its height (9 and 10 foot rolls), it allows quicker, easier installation.

Typical breather foil wrap

Typical breather foil wrap

   Perforated Plastic Wrap

Perforated plastic wrap

 Tyvek® HomeWrap

Tyvek HomeWrap














What does DuPont Tyvek® HomeWrap offer?
HomeWrap installationThe high water resistance with high breathability and high air penetration resistance offer the right balance of properties for use in combination with bulk insulation. In many modern wall systems Tyvek® HomeWrap is specified in a number of wall systems including CSR Express Wall System and is accepted as a suitable building membrane behind James Hardie® cladding systems. Tyvek® HomeWrap combined with an R1.5 fibreglass batt will give an R-Value of 2.3 in a brick veneer wall. For the builder, it offers a light, easy to handle wrap that can be fitted in 1 pass around the building. High wind resistance means it stays in place even in high wind areas. DuPont guarantees Tyvek® HomeWrap in winds up to 120 kph.

What are the benefits of DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap?

  • * Breathable building wrap without holesTyvek diagram
  • * Very high water resistance 
  • * Very high wind penetration resistance 
  • * Extremely strong and durable, especially in wind prone areas 
  • * Lightweight (half the weight of counterpart wraps), easy to handle 
  • * 9 foot or 10 foot rolls allow for 1 pass around the building - quicker installation
  • * Independently tested and meets Australian Standards for pliable building membranes

What are the product packages and put ups of DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap?
DuPont™  Tyvek® Homewrap comes in two roll sizes:package

  • * 2743 mm wide (9 foot) x 30.48 metres long , and
  • * 3048 mm wide (10 foot) x 30.48 metres long
There are 56 rolls per pallet.