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DuPont™ Graffiti Solutions


DuPont™ Graffiti Solutions offers a range of solutions for both protection and removal of graffiti from all assets and property. Our protective coatings are specially designed using DuPont Teflon® technology and our graffiti removers are biodegradable and non-toxic.  


DuPont EZ-3463 graffiti remover is an excellent product for the early removal of graffiti. DuPont EZ-3463 graffiti remover is approved by BlueScope Steel for use on Colourbond(R) Steel. The proper use of this product will not void the BlueScope warranty on Colourbond(R).


Like the Teflon® fry pan, graffiti, dirt and pollutants won't stick permanently to a DuPont protected surface. By using DuPont Graffiti Removers on either protective coatings or on unprotected surfaces, graffiti can be easily removed with minimal damage to the surface.