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Answering the challenges of a changing world
Success in today’s economic reality demands the transformation of workplaces and work cultures to safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable systems. That’s why we’ve integrated Safety Resources, Clean Technologies and Training Solutions into one organisation - DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions applies 200 years of accumulated firsthand knowledge and experience in safety, engineering, environmental stewardship and operations management to effect lasting, sustainable change that can help you meet current business objectives while preparing for the future. And we offer a wide range of solutions by bringing together the people, processes and technology you need to achieve sustained business transformation.

Safety Resources
Improve skills and reduce risks

Safety Resources helps transform your workplace and safety culture with proven methodologies in employee, contractor and process safety. Our experts provide the support you need to implement programs that reduce incidents, develop employee skills and minimise risks—all of which improve operational efficiency and sustain company growth.

Sustainable Operations
In tune with the realities of a new world

With the right solutions, you can lower costs and increase yields while reducing your environmental footprint. From environmental management and energy efficiency to capital effectiveness and asset productivity, it’s all about employing practices that can keep you competitive in an ever-changing economy.

Clean Technologies
A responsible path to a stronger, more profitable business
Cleaner air and cleaner fuels are better for society and even better for your business. Now you can take advantage of environmentally responsible strategic plans, engineering capabilities and proprietary technologies designed to improve productivity, reduce air emissions and produce cleaner fuels.

Training Solutions
Transforming your workforce to meet a demanding tomorrow

Empower your employees with advanced training in safety, industrial skills, and compliance and ethics. With access to eLearning technologies, instructor-led programs and traditional media tools, your workforce will have the resources to develop and maintain the skills and behaviours needed to keep your organisation competitive.

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