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DuPont™ Satinera® Solid Surfaces

DuPont™ Satinera® Solid Surfaces

The kitchen is the heart of the home


Clever dsesign, earthy, natural colours – stylish appliances and a DuPont™ Satinera® Solid Surface benchtop. All the right ingredients for a classy kitchen.

Whether it is a stylish centrepiece, a place for friends to gather and gossip or a nexus for the family to
grow up around, your kitchen is the focal point of your home.That’s why it’s important to have a quality, stylish, hardwearing and long-lasting surface to be the showpiece of your space.


With a selection of earthy yet lively options in our colour palette, the elements of Satinera™ blend organically, personally and elegantly. The stylish finishes and amazing versatility will see you creating the kitchen you have always envisioned. Sleek, elegant lines transform the ordinary into a beautiful surface and, with absolutely no cracks or joins, you‘ll dramatically reduce dirt and moisture.

Hard wearing

No open joints, heat resistance and the strength of stone like surfaces. Satinera™ satisfies the rugged lifestyle of both home and commercial kitchens. Resisting bacteria, mould and liquid absorption, Satinera™ promotes a cleaner and healthier environment. Thanks to the revolutionary materials used in Satinera®, you can remove scratches, stains, chips and other surface deterioration without sacrificing the look and feel.


Satinera® is chemically inert and non-toxic, meeting even the most restrictive food zone standards. The surface offers you low-voc emissions for better indoor air quality and once used, can be reworked to create new products - generating one third less waste than stone in the fabricating process.