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Advanced Fiber Systems

DuPont™ Kevlar® is an advanced technology that helps transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. It combines high strength (5 times stronger than steel) with light weight, and comfort with protection. Products made with Kevlar® brand fiber help those who use them to do more, to go farther, to be even better at what they do.

Whether it is working in a plant, or handling sharp edge materials, at construction site or in a forest. Whether it's reinforcing optical fiber, saving the precious life of nation guarding personnel, efficient way of conveying materials, or winning World Hockey Cup. Whether it's protection from the hazards they face on the job every day, or the comfort and light weight strength they rely on to help them achieve their personal best, men and women around the world rely on one brand - KEVLAR® to help them realize the Power of Performance.

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Harnessing thousands of volts in a transformer to ensure that essential services like schools and hospitals have the power to run day and night. Helping engines and generators keep their cool in hot, aggressive environments, so expensive downtime and maintenance costs are avoided.

Protecting firefighters as they rush into burning buildings to save the lives of those who may be trapped inside. Sounds like a lot to accomplish when the heat's on?

For DuPont™ NOMEX®, it's all in a day's work. Whether manufactured into protective apparel, electrical insulation or industrial filters, NOMEX® brand fibers ensure that those who rely on it perform to their fullest potential in the most extreme conditions imaginable.

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Nomex® Paper
Nomes® Fiber and Filament Yarn
Kevlar® Pulp Fiber
Thermount® Paper