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DuPont, a pioneer in non-woven fabrics, has some innovative products made by unique manufacturing techniques which helps its products have properties that make them suitable for diverse applications in a wide spectrum of Industries. Non-woven products of DuPont today find application in many industries like Automobile, Healthcare, Consumer,

Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Construction, Packaging, Printing etc.  Brands like DuPont™ TYVEK®, DuPont™ SONTARA®, DuPont™ SOFTESSE and DuPont™ TYPAR® are leading brands in the segments they operate and speak of their uniqueness.

As the name suggests, non-woven fabrics are directly made from fibres instead of the conventional woven-manufacturing route of fiber to yarn to fabric. This helps to get unique technical properties from non-woven fabrics, not possible from woven ones, like breathability with liquid repellency, barriers properties against bacteria, air, chemicals, particles, fluid, tensile strength, filtration properties etc. 

There are many possible ways for the bonding of the fibers to form fabric like chemical, mechanical or thermal bonding. All DuPont non-woven products stand for 100% chemical purity because of the unique manufacturing technique invented by DuPont like thermal bonding or hydro-entanglement. DuPont is constantly working to improve the existing manufacturing techniques as well as invent new ones which will be more productive, cost-effective, consistent quality and have better properties than the existing ones. The following paragraphs give an overview of the existing manufacturing techniques, product attributes and applications.


DuPont™ TYVEK®
TYVEK® spunbounded olefin is manufactured by DuPont from 100% high density polyethylene fibers in a unique and sophisticated spinning and heat consolidation process. The fibers are bond together by heat and pressure only, without binders, fillers, chemicals or additives. The result is a 100% chemically pure tough, durable sheet structure with best properties of paper, film and cloth in one. TYVEK® is a stretch of unbelievable creativity in innumerable applications.

Product Attributes and Applications of TYVEK®

Tyvek®  has following product attributes:

• Excellent  Tensile and Tear strength, but light weight
• Water, solvents and chemicals resistant but Breathable
• Excellent Printability in Offset, Flexo, Graveure, Thermal and Screen Printing
• No colour degradation – retains original whiteness for a very long period
• UV Resistance and Radiant Barrier
• Lint Free
• Environment Friendly

This makes Tyvek® an ideal product for diverse applications in:

• Protective covers like Mattress and Pillow Covers, Cleanroom garments, Industrial protective clothing, Car covers, Raincoats, Jackets etc.
• Medical sterile packaging and desiccant pouches
• All types of Tags and Labels
• Stationery
• Graphics like Banners, Signage, Posters, buntings etc
• Packaging - all kinds of bags, sacks and laminates
• Housewrap

This is a proprietory DuPont developed non-woven material using the most advanced "spunlaced" technology. The fabric is made in a process called  "hydroentanglement". Unlike many other Non-woven fabrics, SONTARA®   does NOT use any binders, chemicals or adhesives to hold the fibres together. It has exceptional mechanical strength due to high degree of fibres entanglement. Because the fibres are actually washed during fabric formation, it has very low lint content.

Sontara® is the best choice as a lint-free wiping material for varied industry segments like Food, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Electronics, Aerospace, Automobile, Healthcare etc. It has been a preferred choice in many countries around the world.

The following exceptional features and performance differentiate Sontara® from other wiping materials

• Better Absorbency: Better cleaning
• Lint Free: No Contamination
• Exceptionally Soft: No Scratching
• High Chemical and Mechanical Resistance


Softesse™(Formerly known as Sontara®)) is the leading material for disposable operating room gowns and drapes application for hospitals.

Spunlaced fabric of Softesse™ treated by a finishing technique with repellents which provides

• Excellent Barrier Properties against Bacteria and Liquids
• Less Lint: Generates 12 times less lint than conventional ones
• Preferred balance of comfort and Softness : Because Softesse™  fabric breathes, it helps keep the wearer comfortable
• Drapability
• Conformability
• No Hypoallergic property : Sontara™ fabrics do not exhibit allergenic or toxic responses in intimate contact with human skin
• Sterilization: Sontara™ fabrics may be sterilized using ethylene oxide, gamma radiation or electron beam systems

TYPAR® is a non-woven geo textile product, composed of thermally bonded, continuous polypropylene filaments. The structure of TYPAR® gives it good tensile strength even in a diagonal direction and good filtration properties. In addition, TYPAR® is made of 100% polypropylene, which makes it resistant to rot moisture and chemical attack, particularly from naturally occurring acids and alkalis in the soil. The use of geosynthetics in construction applications has long been recognised as a cost saving and performance enhancing solution versus classical construction techniques around the world.

Applications of DuPont™ TYPAR®

TYPAR® geo textile is used to perform functions like separation, stabilisation, filtration, drainage and protection. Typar® geo textile has diverse applications few of them being:

• Roads
• Airport runways, taxiways and motorways
• Car parks and storage yards
• Railway, new tracks and tracks renewal
• Trench Drains
• Vertical drains
• Agricultural and pipe drains
• Breakwater and jetties on soft soil sea bed
• Land reclamation with hydraulic fill
• Sports Fields

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