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Ethylene Copolymers

DuPont Ethylene Copolymers have been meeting needs such as these for decades, resulting in hundreds of ready-to-use polymers with dependable performance advantages in consumer, medical, construction, automotive and many other markets. These specialty copolymers range from “soft-touch” to “super-tough,” from crystal clear to modified and filled.

DuPont uses its science to deliver ethylene copolymers with sustainable performance advantages such as faster processing, extra toughness, better cold-temperature flexibility, extra clarity, softer touch, better heat and oil resistance, better sound deadening or more reliable sealing and adhesion.

DuPont R&D enables the rapid development of new ethylene copolymers as needed to meet emerging or advancing end-use requirements:

Application Profile

Food & Beverage
We call it "The Science of Fresh" ... packaging solutions that help protect flavor and product quality. That help food and beverage brand owners find better ways to win and keep loyal customers. Explore examples below, and let DuPont help you with your own fresh ideas.

Dry foods and Snacks

Applications include snacks, cereal, confections, powders and more
Fresh and tasty. Whether it's granules or flakes, or cookies or cakes, the key to flavor retention is in the packaging. DuPont science (Surlyn? and Nucrel?) contributes to the way films seal in freshness, keep out harmful contaminants, and bring snack lovers back for more.

Lidding for dairy products

As a seal layer in flexible lidding and labels, Appeel® lidding sealant resins offer controllable heat-seal strengths for easy, clean peeling when used on CPET, APET, PP, polystyrene, PVC and PE rigid containers. Appeel® resins seal over a wide temperature range, for easy processing with a variety of substrates including foil, OPP, OPET and paper.

Processed Meat

Surlyn® seals even when wet, and helps produce films that breathe just right, to protect freshness. Film sealed with Surlyn® helps keep meat under wrap during pre-cooking, for less product loss and more flavor retention.

Beverage Packaging
Cap liners, wraps, pouches, equipment systems and more
Count on DuPont to help with beverage packaging solutions, from raw and finished materials innovations to packaging equipment and services.
Application Review: Closure liners of DuPont™ Elvax® combat unsightly "neck ring."

Elvax® has good water vapor and gas barrier properties.
Benefits Gained
Cost savings. Elvax® costs less than alternative compounded liner materials.
Tight sealing. Because Elvax® has good water vapor and gas barrier properties as well as resiliency, liners seal containers tightly.
No "neck ring". Unlike compounded liner materials, Elvax® contains no mineral oil, which can mix with the soft drink and cause deposit of a ring of unsightly brown residue on the inside of the bottle's neck.
Materials Selected and Why
For extruded liner stock and compression molded liners, Elvax® provide the right level of melt index, adhesion, resiliency, barrier, balanced sealing characteristics, removal torque and minimal taste.
End Users: Bottlers of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, other beverages

Personal Care

Nucrel® resins provide excellent adhesion to aluminum foil, nylon, paper, and other polar substrates. As a seal layer in laminated and coextruded structures, Nucrel® resists delamination and seal failure even in harsh environments. It has excellent hot tack strength, low seal initiation temperature and good toughness.

Industrial and Other
DuPont packaging solutions aren't limited to the world of consumer goods. In industry and agriculture, for example, DuPont science is at work helping produce primary and secondary packaging solutions offering greater distribution efficiency, waste reduction and user convenience.

From Neoprene bags that go right into the hopper, to industrial laundry detergent packets that go right into the washer, DuPont packaging materials deliver innovative, time-saving and materials-conserving solutions. Manufacturers of boxes that get glued, or pallets that can be renewed ... or straps that hold tighter or whites that shine brighter ... often get a start on something new by exploring DuPont's latest technical advances.

Consumer Applications
Soft touch, excellent drape, flex fatigue resistance and easy processing make Elvaloy® AC resins an interesting new choice for consumer goods manufacturing.

High Performance Roofing
Roofing membranes made with Elvaloy® KEE offer longer service life and lower long-term ownership costs.

Asphalt Modification
High performance polymer modified asphalts (PMAs) incorporate small amounts of Elvaloy® to help keep pavements from rutting, cracking or stripping.

DuPont™ Elvax® EVA resins find widespread use in shoes, primarily as foamed midsoles.

Textile Sizing and Finishing
Alone, or in combination with starch and additives, Elvanol® T-Grades are being used successfully on practically every type of spun yarn now on the market.

Polymer Modification (PVC and others)
Compounding Elvaloy® resins into other plastics such as PVC, ABS and PET helps impart long-lasting flexibility and toughness, helping prevent embrittlement or loss of plasticizer over time.


Fiber-reinforced hose of Vamac® and Kevlar® built for heavy-duty service
Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomer and Kevlar® aramid fiber contribute to service life goals in heavy-duty engine cooling system hoses.

Application Description
Heavy-duty engine cooling system hoses with service life goals of 1,000,000 km (620,000 mi).

Materials Selected and Why
Compounds of DuPont™ Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomers are chosen because they:
• Are rated for service up to 175°C (357°F), and can withstand excursions up to 200°C (392°F)
• Stay flexible and provide vibration damping at temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F)
• Resist chemicals, oil, oxidation and mechanical abuse

DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber was chosen because it reinforces the hose and increases burst strength.

Benefits Gained
• Improved temperature performance and chemical resistance
• Proven long-term performance