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Wilmington, November 8, 2004

Representatives from Major U.S. Food Companies Attend Forum Hosted by DuPont Qualicon

Representatives from some of the largest food companies headquartered in the United States, including Bar-S Foods, Kraft Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, National Beef Packing Company, and Sysco Corporation, attended the 2004 Food Quality Award ceremonies hosted by DuPont Qualicon. This event, held on Oct. 26, 2004, at the DuPont Country Club in Wilmington, Del., provided attendees with a unique opportunity to hear industry experts share their insights about food safety and to honor one of their peer companies for achieving significant improvements in food safety.

“This event brought together key players from various parts of the food industry to spend the day gaining practical information and sharing experiences about keeping our global food supply safe,” said Jon Owen, global director of sales and marketing at DuPont Qualicon and master of ceremonies. “It also gave us an opportunity to properly showcase Beef Products Inc. (BPI), the winner of the 4th Annual Food Quality Award. Based on the success of this year’s forum, we are looking forward to making this an annual event,” noted Owen.

Guest speakers at the forum included: Larry Cohen, quality program leader at Kraft Foods; John B. Luchansky, research leader at United States Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service (USDA/ARS) at Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC); and Lawrence E. Platt, president of Retail Quality Audit (RQA), Inc.

Cohen gave a detailed review of a pathogen environmental monitoring control program that involved both internal plants and external co-manufacturer and supplier sites. His presentation included a discussion of the investigative tools used, corrective actions taken and benefits achieved.

Luchansky talked about research programs at the USDA designed to identify and eliminate pathogens from food processing environments. He focused primarily on Listeria prevalence and interventions in the ready-to-eat meat industry. He also discussed the microbial modeling techniques and molecular detection and typing strategies being developed by USDA scientists.

Platt addressed the “real” cost of food recalls, including loss of brand/corporate reputation, loss of customer lifetime value, planning and communications. Important industry statistics, such as the number of incidents, causes of recalls and average costs were given. Platt ended his presentation by sharing keys to a successful recall.

In addition to the guest speakers, several experts from within DuPont spoke about the future of food safety. Kevin Huttman, president of DuPont Qualicon, discussed ways in which DuPont can provide integrated solutions for the food industry along the entire food chain. Lance Bolton, director of research and development at DuPont Qualicon, highlighted some current offerings and provided a glimpse of future solutions based on emerging food safety trends. Lynn Leger, food enterprise market development leader for DuPont Canada, also shared an innovative new simulation tool for process improvements that help companies make informed food safety decisions.

Following the speakers’ presentations, Kevin Huttman and Rick Biros, publisher of Food Quality Magazine, presented the 4th Annual Food Quality Award to BPI, the world’s leading manufacturer of boneless lean beef. Eldon Roth, CEO/chairman of BPI, accepted the award. Headquartered in Dakota Dunes, S.Dak., BPI earned this prestigious award for their strong commitment to food safety and quality in all of their processing plants. An awards reception was then held at the exclusive Brantwyn Mansion.

“We were pleased when DuPont Qualicon decided to sponsor the 4th Annual Food Quality Award,” said Biros. “And when they offered to host this special event, we were extremely delighted. This was an excellent way to honor BPI and a great learning opportunity for food industry executives. We are looking forward to many more forums hosted by DuPont Qualicon,” said Biros.

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