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Wilmington, November 16, 2005

DuPont Qualicon and HandyLab to Develop New Products for Faster Food Testing

DuPont Qualicon and HandyLab, Inc. today announced that they have signed an agreement to jointly develop new products for food testing using microfluidics to shorten sample preparation time.

HandyLab has already developed patented microfluidic technology that controls the flow of minute sample volumes to perform nucleic-acid analysis in portable devices. Disposable cartridges contain a network of gated microchannels, each slightly wider than a human hair, through which samples flow under pressure to capture and concentrate DNA.   By combining this miniaturized technology with DuPont Qualicon’s BAX® detection system, sample preparation steps can be integrated and automated within a single-use, disposable device.

"Traditional sample preparation can add hours to food testing, but these microfluidic cartridges will reduce that time to about 15 minutes,” said Kevin Huttman, president of DuPont Qualicon.   “This new technology fits in well with our goal of developing a complete system of fast, integrated modules that benefit our customers by simplifying and automating the entire food testing process.”

Jeff Williams, president of HandyLab, Inc., is excited about working with DuPont.  "In looking for the best fit between our proprietary technology and the food industry, DuPont was the logical choice,” he said. “Working together, we can strengthen our businesses, improve the customers' bottom line, and contribute globally to a safer food supply." DuPont Qualicon provides advanced molecular technologies for food and pharmaceutical diagnostics.  The award-winning BAX® system is used by food companies and government agencies around the world to detect pathogens in raw ingredients, finished products and environmental samples.  The patented RiboPrinter® system is the world’s only automated DNA fingerprinting instrument used to track and trend bacterial contamination in pharmaceuticals, personal care products and food.  For more information and product photos, visit

HandyLab, Inc. develops and manufactures small, low-cost nucleic acid-based analysis systems for clinical diagnostic markets.  The patented, self-contained microfluidic systems are capable of integrating and automating multiple laboratory processes on a single chip. For more information, visit

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