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Wilmington, December 12, 2005

BAX® System Q7

Strategic Alliance Yields New DuPont Qualicon BAX® System Q7

DuPont Qualicon is pleased to introduce the BAX® System Q7, a giant leap forward in pathogen detection designed to revolutionize food safety and quality testing.   This next-generation BAX® system is the result of a strategic alliance formed earlier this year between DuPont Qualicon and Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE: ABI), an Applera Corporation business. 

BAX® Q7 combines the ease-of-use and superior performance of the current BAX® System with additional technologies from Applied Biosystems that result in a highly flexible PCR instrument and new assays that exploit the technology. 

While totally compatible with current BAX® System assays, the new BAX® Q7 instrument can use both real-time and end-point detection methods.   It has the ability to detect up to five different dyes used for probe-based detection, as well as intercalating dyes, allowing the use of the best chemistry to match the needs of the assay.  It completes 40 cycles of PCR in less than two hours, leading to faster results.  And for the first time, food companies can use the same automated platform for both safety and quality testing.

“The BAX® Q7 is a major step-change in PCR detection systems,” said Peter Mrozinski, business development manager for DuPont Qualicon.   “Innovations in the new instrument will enable us to develop BAX® Q7 assays that provide new and meaningful information on food samples, such as presence and amount of multiple microbes in a single sample.  This, in turn, will help food companies make informed business decisions at an earlier point in the process.”

“The first instrument for our alliance with DuPont Qualicon incorporates Applied Biosystems’ Real-Time PCR technology, already widely used in research laboratories and in other applications worldwide,” said Mark P. Stevenson, president of the Applied Markets Division for Applied Biosystems.   “We believe Applied Biosystems’ real-time PCR technologies and scientific expertise in assay development will lead to future assays with new levels of sensitivity and versatility ideal for food testing in the food manufacturing environment.”

Beyond pathogen detection, DuPont Qualicon is developing technologies that will optimize and shorten the entire testing process.   The goal is a completely integrated system of food testing modules – from sampling and enrichment to accurate detection and actionable results. 

“Simply stated, our vision is to revolutionize the way food testing is done,” said Ravi Ramadhar, global marketing manager for DuPont Qualicon.   “Introducing the BAX® Q7 is an important first step in meeting this goal.”

DuPont Qualicon provides innovative, science-based diagnostic products.   The BAX® system offers advanced DNA-based detection of microbes in food, from raw ingredients to finished products.  DuPont Qualicon markets the patented RiboPrinter® System, the world’s only automated DNA fingerprinting instrument that rapidly pinpoints sources of bacteria in pharmaceuticals, personal care products and food.  For more information, please see

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