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Wilmington, Delaware, March 27, 2007

Food Industry Professionals Attend Award Reception Hosted by DuPont Qualicon

More than 250 people, representing various parts of the food industry, came together recently at the 6th annual Food Quality Award presentation and reception hosted by DuPont Qualicon.  The event, which was held during the Food Safety & Security Summit in Washington, D.C., gave attendees an opportunity to honor Hormel Foods Corporation as the winner of the 2006 Food Quality Award; to hear insights from some of the world’s leading business and food safety experts; and to network with other industry professionals. 

Sponsored by DuPont Qualicon and presented by Food Quality Magazine, the Food Quality Award is given each year to a North American QA/QC department or program that has made significant improvements in food safety and quality, with a positive impact on business results.  Selected for this honor because of its innovative technologies for reducing pathogens and preservatives in sliced meats, Hormel Foods joins an elite group of past winners that includes Beef Products Inc. (BPI), SYSCO Corporation and Tyson Foods.

Bryan Farnsworth, vice president of quality management, accepted the award on behalf of Hormel Foods.  Headquartered in Austin, Minn., Hormel Foods is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded meat and food products.  “On behalf of Hormel Foods, I'd like to thank DuPont Qualicon and Food Quality Magazine for recognizing our commitment to food quality and safety, and for establishing an award that acknowledges the important work that people in operations, research and development, and quality assurance do on a daily basis.  We are honored to join this group of Food Quality Award winners.”

The keynote address was given by Marc Gunther, senior writer for Fortune Magazine.  Gunther discussed the changing dynamics between margin-driven efficiencies and long-term sustainability at some of today’s most recognized companies, using Nike, McDonald’s, TXU, Dell, S.C. Johnson, Wal-Mart and DuPont as examples.  According to Gunther, “Sustainability is usually used in terms of the environment, but I like to think of it more broadly to mean that you are running your company in a way that leaves the world better off, not worse.”  Gunther also shared two key messages:  “Despite the scandals – indeed, partly because of the scandals – corporate America is changing for the better.” and “You can make a difference as a leader, consumer and investor by living your values every day.” 

Other speakers included Siqun Wang, M.D., Ph.D., director of R&D at DuPont Qualicon, and Ravi Ramadhar, director - business development, DuPont Qualicon. 

Dr. Wang gave a presentation on the impact of emerging technologies on productivity and quality standards.  He spoke about the forces shaping the food industry environment today and the need for innovative solutions, such as DuPont™ StatMedia™ soluble packets and the DuPont™ BAX® System, to improve and sustain food company profitability.  Dr. Wang summed up his presentation by saying, “DuPont Qualicon aims to revolutionize diagnostics by adding value to food testing.  Improved testing methods can provide new levels of information that will become part of a food company’s overall efficiency and profitability strategy.”

Ramadhar, who served as the master of ceremony, paid tribute to past winners of the Food Quality Award and spoke about the commitment of DuPont to science, innovation and sustainability.  “We are proud to sponsor this prestigious award and host this important industry event,” said Ramadhar.  “It gives us another way to deliver on our commitment of helping food companies improve and sustain their profitability while protecting the food supply and their brand name equity.”

DuPont Qualicon provides innovative, science-based diagnostic products.  The BAX® system offers advanced DNA-based detection of microbes in food, from raw ingredients to finished products.  Proprietary enrichment media are available in bulk powder or as unit-sized DuPont™ StatMedia™ soluble packets.  DuPont Qualicon also markets the patented RiboPrinter® System, the world’s only automated DNA fingerprinting instrument that rapidly pinpoints sources of bacteria in food and pharmaceuticals.  For more information, please see

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