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Wilmington, DE, November 19, 2007

DuPont Qualicon Releases New BAX® System Eight-Hour Listeria Test

DuPont Qualicon has released a new genetic-based test that allows food companies to detect Listeria on environmental surfaces in just eight hours.    This new assay is the first commercial application of Reverse-Transcriptase PCR for bacterial testing in food and the latest addition to the award-winning suite of BAX® system products.

“This flexible test can give food companies clear, precise results at the end of a shift,” said Kevin Huttman, president of DuPont Qualicon.   “With fast, accurate detection of Listeria, even at low concentrations, food processors get the information they need to take action sooner and release product faster.”

Found in a wide range of foods, Listeria is usually killed with proper cooking.   However, ready-to-eat products, such as hot dogs and deli meat, can become contaminated between cooking and packaging.   Listeriosis is an infection caused by eating food contaminated with pathogenic Listeria monocytogenes.   This illness is especially risky for pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals, with a fatality rate of 20 percent. 

DuPont Qualicon provides innovative, science-based diagnostic products.  The BAX® system offers advanced DNA-based detection of microbes in food, from raw ingredients to finished products.  In alliance with Applied Biosystems, DuPont Qualicon has developed the next-generation BAX® system Q7 with advanced capabilities for real-time PCR and species differentiation.  DuPont Qualicon also markets the patented RiboPrinter® System, the world’s only automated DNA fingerprinting instrument that rapidly pinpoints sources of bacteria in food and pharmaceuticals.  For more information, please see

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