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Wilmington, Delaware, May 5, 2010

Tina Conklin, Dan Lennon and Dale Morton at the 9th annual Food Quality Award

Ninth Annual Food Quality Award Sponsored by DuPont Qualicon

WILMINGTON, Del., May 5, 2010 – Over 200 people associated with the food industry recently gathered for the 9th annual Food Quality Award presentation and reception hosted by DuPont Qualicon. Held during the Food Safety Summit & Security Expo in Washington, D.C., the event allowed attendees to honor Michigan Turkey Producers of Grand Rapids as the 2009 winner of the Food Quality Award.

Sponsored by DuPont Qualicon and presented by Food Quality Magazine, the annual Food Quality Award recognizes a North American quality assurance/quality control department or program that has made significant improvements in food safety and quality with a positive impact on business results. Michigan Turkey Producers was selected by a panel of judges for its commitment to continuous improvement and its consistent strong performance in audits that focus on food safety, quality management, animal welfare and child nutrition. This year’s winner joins an elite group of past honorees, including Fieldale Farms, West Liberty Foods LLC, Hormel Foods, Beef Products Inc. (BPI), Tyson Food Safety & Lab Services, SYSCO Corporation, Franklin Foods, Hygaard Fine Foods Ltd. and East Balt Commissary, Inc. of Chicago.

"It is a pleasure and an honor to recognize food companies for their outstanding, proactive efforts to improve the safety and quality of the food supply,” said ceremony host Luiz Fischmann, global marketing manager – DuPont Qualicon.

Dan Lennon, president/CEO, and Tina Conklin, corporate quality assurance manager accepted the award for Michigan Turkey Producers. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., Michigan Turkey Producers uses leading technologies for humane harvesting and processing operations that exceed standards for uncompromising quality in both raw and cooked poultry products.

R. Dale Morton, director for Pepsico global product integrity, delivered a keynote address on the challenges of food ingredient safety. Morton shared preliminary results from a Grocery Manufacturers Association survey that benchmarked existing supplier quality programs, identified gaps and suggested some tools and recommendations for the future best practices.

Ken Potuznik, associate publisher of Food Quality magazine; Marcos Cantharino, global business director, DuPont Qualicon; and Luiz Fischmann co-presented the award. Fischmann also served as emcee for the evening.

DuPont Qualicon provides innovative, science-based diagnostic products for the food industry.  Food processing companies around the world rely on the BAX® system to detect pathogens or other organisms in raw ingredients, finished products and environmental samples. The automated system uses leading-edge technology, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays, tableted reagents and optimized media to also detect Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli O157:H7, Enterobacter sakazakii, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio and yeast and mold. With certifications and regulatory approvals in the Americas, Asia and Europe, the BAX® system is recognized globally as the most advanced pathogen testing system available to food companies. For more information and photos, please visit 

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