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BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay

Campylobacter jejuni/coli/lari

A fast solution with quantitative results

Campylobacter is a worldwide public health concern and the leading cause of enteric illness in the US. Ingesting even low doses (less than 500 cells) can cause Campylobacteriosis, with clinical complications that include arthritis and Guillain-Barré syndrome. Although C. jejuni is responsible for 90% of these infections, C. coli and C. lari are also harmful to humans. These bacteria are carried in the intestinal tracts of animals, especially birds.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many chicken flocks are silently infected with Campylobacter. When an infected bird is slaughtered, Campylobacter can be transferred from the intestines to the meat. More than half of the raw chicken in the U.S. market has Campylobacter on it, and the pathogen has also been found in unpasteurized milk, meat, poultry, shellfish, fruits and vegetables. 

Current screening procedures are culture-based, which require a laborious plating method and at least five days to result.

Now get faster, quantified results with the BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Campylobacter jejuni/coli/lari.

  • Detects and quantifies all three species in the same sample
  • Less than 90 minutes processing time
  • Next-day results for enriched samples
  • Same-day results for highly contaminated samples without enrichment
  • Validated on poultry carcass rinses and ready-to-eat products
  • Sensitivity as low as 104 cfu/mL
  • Excellent inclusivity/exclusivity
  • Developed in alliance with Applied Biosystems

How it works

The BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay forCampylobacter jejuni/coli/lari, developed in alliance with Applied Biosystems, is the first in a series of new assays that utilize the advanced PCR capabilities of the next-generation BAX® System Q7 instrument. Using probe-based chemistry and real-time detection, this PCR assay can detect and differentiate among three species of Campylobacter in the same sample. Beyond yes-or-no answers, the system automatically calculates the concentration of cells per species, delivering a quantitative value for each.

Just like the original genetic-based BAX® System, the Q7 instrument uses the power of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to rapidly amplify unique DNA fragments, when present, for reliable detection of C. jejuni, C. coli or C. lari.

BAX® System assays simplify the method by combining all the PCR reagents you need into a single tablet, conveniently packaged inside the PCR tubes contained in each kit. Tableted reagents provide for minimal hands-on time, in addition to accuracy, long shelf life and consistency.

Highly contaminated samples can be processed without an enriching growth step. Other samples can be enriched for 24-48 hours before processing with the BAX® System.

After enrichment, samples are lysed to break open the cell walls and release DNA. This lysate is then used to hydrate the PCR tablets. Processing in the Q7 unit takes less than 90 minutes for a full rack of 96 tests. Electronic results appear as positive icons if any of the three Campylobacter species is present. A table of results that includes cfu/ml values for each target is also displayed, along with a graph of the amplification curves.  Data is LIMS-compatible and can be easily stored, shared or printed.


The BAX® System detects and quantifies three species of Campylobacter --C. jejuni, C. coli and C. lari-- in poultry carcass rinses or processed products at concentration levels as low as 104 cfu/ml . 

Validation studies have shown that the BAX®  System performs as well or better than traditional culture method, but with quicker time to result. For enriched samples, results are available next day. For highly contaminated samples that do not require enrichment, results are available in about 2.5 hours.


AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method 040702 - applies to qualitative results on enriched samples of ready-to-eat turkey and chicken carcass rinses.

  This test kit's performance was reviewed by AOAC Research Institute and was found to perform to the manufacturer's specification. 


NordVal Certificate 039 - applies to direct testing of chicken cloacae swabs

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P/N D12683449  BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Campylobacter jejuni/coli/lari (96 tests per kit)