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BAX® System PCR assays for Salmonella

Fast, reliable detection of pathogenic Salmonella helps you make product release decisions with confidence. 

BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay for Salmonella
  Now available with real-time detection, this assay uses the same primers as the original for reliable accuracy. Probe-based chemistry allows for rapid processing with clear, accurate results in a little over an hour.
 Target Salmonella
 Matrices Raw ground beef, lettuce, cream cheese, dry pet food, poultry rinses, stainless steel
 Enrichment medium BAX® System MP media, BPW, TSB+n, or LB, depending on food type. Dry pet food requires regrowth in BHI.  
 Enrichment time Minimum 10-24 hours, depending on sample volume, food type and enrichment medium  
 PCR time 75 minutes  
 BAX instruments Q7  
 Detection level 10^4 cfu/mL  
AOAC International Official Method 2013.02 - validated for the detection of Salmonella spp. in a variety of foods and on stainless steel, ceramic tile and plastic surfaces  
AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method 081201 - tested on ground beef, chicken rinses, fresh bagged lettuce, cream cheese, dry pet food and stainless steel. 

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 D14306040 BAX® System Real-Time PCR assay for Salmonella (96 tests)
 D12404925 BAX® System MP media (2.5 kg) [top]


BAX® System PCR Assay for Salmonella (original) 
  Adopted by the USDA FSIS, this popular asay has been validated by numerous government labs and cerified by AOAC International as an Official Method for detecting Salmonella in a variety of foods.  
 Target Salmonella  

Meat, poultry, fruit and vegetable products, dairy products, chocolate/bakery products, animal feeds and pasta

 Enrichment medium MP media, BPW, LB, Universal pre-enrichment broth, billiant green or TSB, depending on food type  
 Enrichment time Minimum 8-22 hours depending on food type and volume. Some food types require 3-hour regrowth.  
 PCR time 3.5 hours  
 BAX instruments Q7 and Classic  
 Detection level 10^4 cfu/mL  
AOAC International Official Method 2003.09 - collaborative study on raw beef, raw chicken, raw frozen fish, cheese, frankfurters and orange juice. OMA status applies to Classic and Q7 systems.  
  AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method 100201 - tested on milk, black pepper, chilled ready meal, chipped ham, chocolate, cooked chicken, cooked fish, custard, dry pet food, elbow macaroni, frozen peas, hot dogs, nonfat dry milk, orange juice, peanut butter (ERV), pizza dough, seafood-prawns, alfalfa sprouts, ground beef, liquid eggs and soy protein. This assay was also tested on environmental sponges and has been validated for use with both the Classic and BAX® System Q7 instruments. The certification has been extended for use on beef, trim and produce after enrichment in BAX® System MP media. This means that you can test for both Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7 from the same 8-hour enrichment.   
  AFNOR Certificate QUA-18/3-11/02 (French) (English) - all human and animal food products and environmentals - applies to Classic and Q7 instruments - extension to enrich raw beef in BAX® System MP media  
NordVal Certificate 030 - food, animal feed and environmentals - applies to Classic and Q7 instruments  
USDA-FSIS MLG 4C.02 - raw meat, carcass sponges, whole bird rinses, ready-to-eat meat and poultry products, and pasteurized egg products  
USDA-APHIS NPIP for environmental samples, cloacal swabs, chick box papers, and meconium samples
U.S. FDA Egg Safety Action Plan  

determined to be equivalent to the FDA BAM method for detecting Salmonella Enteritidis in eggs

Health Canada MFLP-29 meat, poultry, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and miscellaneous food products - applies to Classic and Q7 instruments
Brazil MAPA Directive 41 food, water and environmental samples
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration accepted as an alternative method for all foods and environmental samples - applies to Classic and Q7 instruments
Uruguayan Accreditation Organization (Spanish) (English) accredited as an internal method for testing meat and its derivatives  

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 D11000133 BAX® System PCR Assay for Salmonella (96 tests)
 D12404925 BAX®  System MP media (2.5 kg)


BAX® System PCR Assay for Salmonella 2
  In addition to all the benefits of the original Salmonella assay, this updated version incorporates a proprietary "hot-start" technology to help reduce the effects of human error.
Specifications Same as the original Salmonella assay  
Certifications Same as the original Salmonella assay  

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 D14368501 BAX® System PCR Assay for Salmonella (96 tests)
 D12404925 BAX® System MP Media (2.5 kg)