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Rapid, reliable PCR tests for pathogenic Shiga toxin-producing E. coli   STEC suite specs
STEC suite product description
  • Developed with USDA Agricultural Research Services
  • Aligned with USDA FSIS method for STEC detection
  • Determined to be comparable to the FSIS method for STEC detection as described in the USDA FSIS Letter of No Objection
  • Screening assay detects virulence genes--stx and eae--to quickly clear negatives samples
  • Multiplex panel assays identify which of the top six non-O157 serogroups -- O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, O145 -- are present in positive samples
  Fast and accurate
STEC testing
Exceptionally convenient, flexible and cost-effective testing    
  • One test with no additional concentration steps clears negative samples quickly and cost-effectively.
  • One lysate can be used for all three STEC assays--and also for the O157:H7 assay--for convenient and efficient sample prep.
  • All four E. coli assays use the same real-time PCR cycling conditions (55 minutes) for utmost speed and flexibility.
  • An optional program for "stx only" results helps food processors meet global requirements.
  The science behind the assay
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