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BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay


Food companies and government labs that use standard culture methods to screen food for Shigella can now use the BAX® System to quickly eliminate negative results and reduce the number of samples that must be confirmed.

Using real-time PCR technology backed by DuPont science, the BAX® System produces reliable screening results in about one hour. Fewer presumptive positive results means reduced hands-on time and cost for culture confirmations, improving operational efficiency and leading to earlier product release decisions.

Positive results with this screening assay are considered presumptive due to potential cross-reaction with some strains of Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC).


 Targets   Shigella species
 Matrices   Frankfurters, raw pork, dessert gelatin, ready-to-eat prepared meals ("cold dishes") and other foods
 Enrichment medium   Shigella broth with novobiocin
Enrichment time   8-20 hours for frankfurters; 16-20 hours for other matrices
 PCR time   60 minutes
 BAX instruments   Q7
 Detection level   10^3 cfu/mL
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  D148120178   BAX® System Real-Time PCR assay for Shigella
(96 tests per kit)