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DuPont™ Lateral Flow System

E. coli O157

The DuPont™ Lateral Flow System test is an immunoassay with built-in controls. It employs a unique combination of anti-E.coli O157 antibodies and a highly engineered colloidal gold conjugate coated on the surface of a membrane. The sample wicks up the test strip by capillary action. If E. coli O157, including O157:H7, is present in the sample, two red lines are formed.

Using the DuPont™ Lateral Flow System media for E. coli O157 reduces enrichment time to just 8 hours (for 25-g samples) or 10-15 hours (for 375-g samples. The media powder is mixed directly with sterile water for immediate use. You can also use the test with some samples enriched in standard media for 15-22 hours. After enrichment, you can choose to heat-treat the samples or test them immediately. Simply drop the test strip into an aliquot of sample broth, and read the results 10 minutes later. One control line is built into the lateral flow strip so you know the test has worked correctly. Two lines indicate a positive result. Test strips are stored at room temperature.


The DuPont™ Lateral Flow System E. coli O157 test is designed to detect E. coli O157, including O157:H7, in 25-g or 375-g portions of raw ground beef and boneless beef trim. The test can reliably detect 1 cfu in 25 grams of sample.


AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method 010601 - approved for use with ground beef and boneless beef.

  This test kit's performance was reviewed by AOAC Research Institute and was found to perform to the manufacturer's specifications.


Ordering info (available outside the U.S. only)

P/N D12457116  DuPont™ LFS E. coli O157 test kit (50 tests per kit)

P/N D12457133  DuPont™ LFS E. coli O157 media (500 grams)