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DuPont™ Lateral Flow System


The DuPont™ Lateral Flow System test is an immunoassay with built-in controls.It employs a unique combination of anti-Listeria antibodies and a highly engineered colloidal gold conjugate coated on the surface of a membrane. The sample wicks up the test strip by capillary action. If Listeria is present in the sample, two red lines are formed.

The DuPont™ Lateral Flow System Listeria media provides a single-stage enrichment, with no transfers required. Simply mix the powdered media base with sterile water and add the supplement before use for results in 40 hours.


The DuPont™ Lateral Flow System Listeria test is designed to detect Listeria on environmental surfaces and in a variety of ready-to-eat foods (such as deli meats, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, hot dogs, chicken salad and potato salad), dairy products (such as ice cream, soft cheese and milk), and fish products (such as cooked shrimp and smoked fish). The test can reliabably detect 1 cfu in 25 grams of sample, and has been certified by AOAC Research Institute as a Performance Tested method.


AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method 080501 - tested on a variety of foods including ready-to-eat, dairy, fish products and selected environmental samples (including rubber, painted concrete and stainless steel).

  Samples of this test kit were independently evaluated by the AOAC Research Institute and were found to perform to the producer's specifications as stated in the test kit's descriptive insert. The producer certifies this kit conforms in all respects to the specifications originally evaluated by the AOAC Research Institute as detailed in the Performance Tested Certificate number 080501


Ordering info (available outside the U.S. only)

P/N D12457060 (previously P/N 18820002)   DuPont™ LFS Listeria  test kit (45 tests per kit)

P/N D12457152 (previously P/N 18230018)  DuPont™ LFS Media for  Listeria  (500 gram base + 10 gram supplement)