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DuPont™ Lateral Flow System

Salmonella AD

This DuPont™ Lateral Flow System test is an advanced immunoassay with built-in controls. It employs a combination of optimized anti-Salmonella antibodies and colloidal gold conjugate coated on the surface of a membrane. The sample wicks up the test strip by capillary action. If no Salmonella is present in the sample, one red control line appears. Two red lines indicate a positive result.

DuPont™ LFS Salmonella AD enrichment media includes proprietary base with selective supplement and a secondary media, optimized for use with the DuPont™ LFS Salmonella AD test strips. The phage-based media improve sensitivity and specificity by reducing background flora and promoting the growth of Salmonella.  Enrichments are complete in as little as 22 hours for liquid eggs and processed foods and 32 hours for raw meats and carcass rinses.

After enrichment, simply drop the test strip into an aliquot of sample broth, and read the results 10 minutes later. One control line is built into the lateral flow strip so you know the test has worked correctly. Two lines indicate a positive result. Test strips, primary media base and secondary media can be stored at room temperature, while primary media supplement is stored at 2-8ºC.


The DuPont™ Lateral Flow System for Salmonella AD has been tested on a variety of foods, including raw meat and poultry, processed meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, animal feed, and carcass rinses.


AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method 021001 - validated on raw ground beef, raw ground chicken, liquid eggs, sliced cooked turkey and chicken carcass rinses to perform as well as the reference culture method, even at low spike levels (1-4 cfu/25g sample) Validation studies also support 98% inclusivity and 100% exclusivity.


    Samples of this test kit were independently evaluated by the AOAC Research Institute and were found to perform to the producer's specifications as stated in the test kit's descriptive insert. The producer certifies this kit conforms in all respects to the specifications originally evaluated by the AOAC Research Institute as detailed in the Performance Tested Certificate number 021001.

Ordering info (available outside the U.S. only)

 PN D14368514 - DuPontTM Lateral Flow System Salmonella AD Test Kit (50 strips per kit)

PN D14367402 - DuPontTM Lateral Flow System Salmonella AD Primary Media Base (500 grams)

PN D14367435 - DuPontTM Lateral Flow System Salmonella AD Primary Media Supplement (250 mL)

PN D14367413 - DuPontTM Lateral Flow System Salmonella AD Secondary Media (10 grams)