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DuPont Refrigerants

DuPont Refrigerants Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative

It’s a chilling reality: Counterfeit refrigerants are on the rise

Counterfeit refrigerants pose a global threat, could be unsafe for use, and could pose quality issues for your business and your customers. Counterfeit refrigerants pose an even more significant threat: loss of life.

Counterfeit refrigerants cost the industry millions of dollars per year, and the problem is growing.

Beware of Counterfeit Refrigerants—Protect Your Business

The DuPont Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative is a multi-faceted program utilizing many technologies to guarantee that you are purchasing (and using) genuine DuPont refrigerants. This program is being expanded globally to include all DACs produced by DuPont.

Our goal is to stop counterfeiters in their tracks.

The DuPont™ Izon® security label is one assurance that you have purchased authentic DuPont™ Freon®, Suva®, or ISCEON® refrigerants.

The Izon® label was developed and patented by DuPont, and enables you to quickly verify that the product you have purchased is a genuine DuPont product.

Only DuPont offers the protection from this patented technology, introduced to the marketplace in 2011.

Product Security Features

DuPont™ Izon® Security Label

The DuPont™ Izon® security label offers immediate visual verification that you have purchased genuine DuPont refrigerant. What makes this security label unique is that the ten dots that comprise the label cannot be viewed at the same time. To ensure that the container is genuine, tilt the security label to view one dot on the left edge, two on the right, three on the top, and four on the bottom. Dots should appear and disappear on each side of the security label as it is tilted.

Count the Dots, then Count on DuPont
Izon® Security Labels for DuPont refrigerants



Anti-Counterfeiting Security Shrink Sleeve

DuPont Refrigerants Disposable Cylinders will feature a new Security Shrink Sleeve for Anti-Counterfeit Efforts

In addition to the DuPont Izon® Labels that you may already be familiar with, all DuPont refrigerants packaged in Dispos-A-Can® (DACs) cylinders with batch codes dated 2014 will now feature the new and improved DuPont Security Shrink Sleeve. Customers in the U.S. should expect to see the new security shrink sleeve starting in January, while other regions can expect to begin seeing the sleeve towards the end of the first quarter of 2014. In comparison with previous sleeves, this latest version will include an iridescent background, which changes colors from pink to green as light is reflected off of it. With this new sleeve, DACs can be quickly and easily verified as genuine DuPont products as they move from our plants to their end-use customers.

Anti-Counterfeiting Security Shrink Sleeve for
DuPont refrigerants


What can I do to help combat counterfeit refrigerants?

  • Always buy from a preferred DuPont distributor. Locate a DuPont Refrigerants distributor in your geographic area.

  • If you are ever in doubt as to whether you have purchased genuine DuPont refrigerant, contact us toll-free in the U.S. at 800-235-7882 or refer to our global offices listing.

  • If you witness suspicious activity with refrigerant that is potentially counterfeit in the marketplace, contact us toll-free in the U.S. at 800-235-7882 or refer to our global offices listing.

Counterfeit Holograms

Genuine DuPont™ Izon® Security Labels are not foil style holograms, so any foil holograms are suspect. Below is one example of a counterfeit hologram:

Counterfeit Label