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DuPont Refrigerants

DuPont Refrigerant Expert™ (DUPREX)

What is DUPREX?

DUPREX Version 4.0 is a software tool from DuPont specifically developed to allow users to easily and quickly generate data for DuPont refrigerants, including:

  • Thermodynamic property data tables
  • Transport property data tables
  • Theoretical refrigeration cycle calculations with cycle properties and line sizing data

Data can be calculated for a variety of direct expansion systems (single stage, single stage with internal heat exchanger, two stage cascade, and single stage heat pump).

DUPREX is available in:

  • 6 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch
  • SI and ENG units of measure

The Benefits of DUPREX 4.0

  • Single source for DuPont™ Opteon®, Suva®, ISCEON®, and Freon® refrigerant property data.

  • Useful tool for assessing system performance with the most commonly used fluorocarbon refrigerants, including the extensive range of HFO, CFC, and HCFC retrofit options available from DuPont Refrigerants.

  • Facilitates quick and easy refrigerant selection at different operating conditions and system layouts for retrofit or new system design.

  • Powerful system analysis tool to aid troubleshooting and diagnosis of system performance.

  • Quick and easy tool to make multiple cycle calculations at various conditions.

  • Generates custom thermodynamic and transport property data tables for specific projects or systems at defined saturated, superheat, and subcool ranges and intervals.

  • Refrigeration cycle calculations consider compressor efficiencies, heat exchanger pressure drops, and suction line superheats to yield results that closely mimick actual systems.

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DUPREX 4.0 Users Guide
DUPREX 4.0 User Guide

A guide through the software installation, startup, and the different features so that you can begin generating data for DuPont Refrigerants.

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