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Reclaiming Refrigerant for Credit

R-22 and new CFC BuyBack Program
» R-22

If you are a business owner who has equipment running on R-22 or if you are a contractor/technician who services equipment running on R-22, your objectives are the same: Maintain business operations, reduce risk, reduce cost, and conduct an orderly transition from R-22 for business success.

A Refrigerant Management Plan is imperative.

DuPont Authorized Refrigerant Reclaim Centers can help you achieve a smooth transition from R-22 and offer you incentive-based options, including a new CFC BuyBack program. If you are an equipment owner, facilities manager, or contractor/technician who wants to reduce costs to retrofit or replace equipment, or wants to assure access to R-22 to continue operating other equipment still running on R-22, contact a DuPont Refrigerant Reclaim Center to learn how they can help you achieve your goals.


» CFC BuyBack Program

DuPont, in partnership with EOS Climate, Inc., is providing an incentive to return CFCs for credit. Call 877-662-4322 or a DuPont Authorized Refrigerant Reclaim Center for more information.