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DuPont Refrigerants

Regulatory References 

These regulations have potential impact on the automotive air-conditioning industry.
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European Union Information 

    European Community REACH
REACH is the European Commuity Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006), and addresses the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemical substances.

EU MAC Directive 2006/40/EC 

  Proposal for a Regulation
Setting Emission Performance Standards for New Passenger Cars as Part of the Community's Integrated Approach to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles 

Action Plan for Energy Efficiency - COM (2006) 545 Final 

Green Paper: A European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive, and Secure Energy 

  Green Paper: Energy Efficiency 

U.S. Automotive Air Conditioning Resources

U.S. EPA SNAP Program
The Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) is EPA's program to evaluate and regulate substitutes for the ozone-depleting chemicals that are being phased out under the stratospheric ozone protection provisions of the Clean Air Act (CAA).

HFO-1234yf is U.S. EPA SNAP Listed as Automotive Refrigerant
EPA releases final rule for HFO-1234yf as an Automtoive Refrigerant

  Substitutes in Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 

U.S. EPA Clean Air Act 

History of the Clean Air Act 

Ozone Layer Depletion Alternatives/SNAP 

Emission Standards for Moving Sources 

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Status Update 

AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act 

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