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Biobutanol is the next generation of advanced biofuels with properties that offer enhanced benefits and performance over current biofuels. It may help accelerate biofuel adoption in countries around the world through key advantages such as:

  • Compatible with existing refinery and pipeline infrastructures
  • No vehicle engine modifications are required
  • Reduced vapor pressure enhances co-blend synergy between biobutanol and gasoline containing ethanol
  • Contains energy content closer to gasoline — important as the amount of biofuel blend increases

Cerenol™ Polyols

DuPont™ Cerenol™ is an additive that is biodegradable and less toxic than petroleum-based alternatives. It gives automotive coatings greater chip resistance and improved flexibility compared to petroleum-based additives. Cerenol™ is also a key intermediate for high-performance automotive lubricants and a variety of polymers used in automotive applications, including polyurethanes for molded products and foams, as well as high-performance copolyetheresters such as DuPont™ Hytrel® RS.

Hytrel® RS Thermoplastic Elastomer

DuPont™ Hytrel® RS offers the flexibility and elastic recovery of rubbers, the strength of plastics and ease of processing by conventional thermoplastic methods. Hytrel® RS is ideal for demanding applications such as extruded hoses and tubing, blow-molded boots for CV joints and injection molded parts such as air bag doors and energy dampeners. Hytrel® RS operates in a very broad temperature range and provides exceptional chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and fuels found in automotive applications.

Sorona® EP Thermoplastic Polymer

DuPont™ Sorona® EP thermoplastic polymer adds to the high-performance characteristics of current PBT materials. With enhanced surface appearance, gloss and dimensional stability for lower warpage and shrinkage, Sorona® EP is ideal for critical electrical and electronic applications such as connectors and housings.

Sorona® Polymer

Used to create fabrics and carpets for automotive interiors, DuPont™ Sorona® exhibits unique characteristics you can't find anywhere else. As a fabric, Sorona® provides superior softness, built-in stain protection and the ability to withstand wear and tear. As a carpet fiber, Sorona® provides natural and permanent stain protection against beverage spills along with exceptional durability and crush resistance. Used in either application, Sorona® will keep vehicle interiors looking like new, longer.

Susterra™ Propanediol
(DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts, LLC)

The unique properties of DuPont Tate & Lyle Susterra™ renewably sourced™ propanediol are ideal for use as an antifreeze and engine coolant that require high performance along with the added benefit of low toxicity and biodegradability. An ASTM International sub-committee is currently completing work to list 1,3 propanediol as a qualified engine coolant.


Riding with Polymers

DuPont™ renewably sourced™ polymers have unique properties that are ideal for automotive components, explains Joe Kurian, Technology & Business Development Manager for DuPont.

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DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials contain a minimum of 20% renewably sourced ingredient by weight.