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Core Values

For over two hundred years, DuPont has guided its business by a core set of values that include: safety and health, environmental stewardship, the highest ethical behavior and respect for people. These are more than just guidelines; they are market-driven business fundamentals that span all DuPont operations — from R&D to manufacturing to marketing.

Core Capabilities

DuPont has been investing heavily in developing new capabilities in agricultural and industrial biotechnology for over fifteen years. By combining these new capabilities with its inherent strengths in polymer science, biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, DuPont can provide innovative solutions that are sustainable, renewable and matched to real-world needs. This will transform the markets in which DuPont participates and create new markets for farmers around the world.

End-to-End Integration

Participation in many critical aspects of the value-adding process will enable DuPont to be at the forefront of the transformation from a petroleum-based economy to a more sustainable model based on renewable resources. No other company is participating as broadly as DuPont in this transformation throughout the value chain. This enables DuPont to leverage decades of science, technology and insight to provide innovative solutions for customers, society, and the environment.


Innovation Heritage

With a long history of innovation, DuPont Chief Innovation Officer, Tom Connelly, believes DuPont will be a leader in bio-based materials.

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DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials contain a minimum of 20% renewably sourced ingredient by weight.