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Sustainability Goals

Since the goals of DuPont are tied directly to business growth, the challenge — and the opportunity — are to develop products and processes that are safer, less toxic, more energy efficient, use less water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over those available today. This also enables our customers to achieve these same important goals.

DuPont takes this undertaking very seriously. For example, in 1994, DuPont set a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the year 2000. This goal was accomplished on schedule. Then DuPont set out to reduce its greenhouse emissions by 65% by 2010 — that was accomplished ahead of schedule. DuPont even achieved a 72% reduction in energy use by 2004, six years ahead of schedule, holding energy use six percent below 1990 levels. And that is just the beginning.

Recently, DuPont reaffirmed and expanded its commitment to sustainability by establishing a new set of goals to be accomplished by 2015.

2015 Goals Include:

  • Develop environmentally smart market opportunities from R&D efforts by doubling investment in R&D programs with direct, quantifiable environmental benefits for DuPont customers and consumers along DuPont value chains
  • Grow annual revenues by at least $2 billion from products that create energy efficiency and/or significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions for DuPont customers
  • Increase R&D investment to develop and bring to market new products that will help protect people from harm or threats
  • Double revenues from non-depletable resources to at least $8 billion

Sustaining Sustainability

The DuPont Sustainability Goals tie business growth directly to the creation of high-performance materials and fuels that have a smaller environmental footprint.

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DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials contain a minimum of 20% renewably sourced ingredient by weight.