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Cerenol™ Polyols

DuPont™ Cerenol™ is ideal for hydraulic fluid, lubricant or heat-transfer fluid formulating and manufacturing companies looking for high-performance alternatives. Cerenol™ can greatly reduce the cost of ownership for downstream users due to its inherent biodegradability and reduced toxicity, while still increasing functional performance. Unlike many other bio-based alternatives, Cerenol™ is an engineered product so there are no functional compromises required. For example, Cerenol™ based heat-transfer fluids have significantly better heat-transfer coefficients, increased thermo-stability and reduced fluid foaming characteristics than petroleum-based incumbents.

Susterra™ Propanediol
(DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts, LLC)

The unique properties of DuPont Tate & Lyle Susterra™ renewably sourced™ propanediol are ideal for applications such as deicing fluids, antifreeze and heat-transfer fluids that require high-performance along with the added benefit of low toxicity and biodegradability. For example, selection of Susterra™ instead of petroleum-based propylene glycol significantly reduces the energy use and emissions footprint of the final formulation of deicing fluids. Susterra™ is currently sold in the aeronautics runway deicer market by Cryotech Deicing Technology under the Cryotech BX36® brand.

Susterra™ Breaks the Ice

Cryotech Deicing Technology, a world leader in deicing solutions, is successfully using DuPont Tate & Lyle Susterra™ renewably sourced™ propanediol in runway deicing formulations for use in the aviation industry.

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DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials contain a minimum of 20% renewably sourced ingredient by weight.