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Pro-Cote® Soy Polymer

DuPont™ Pro-Cote® is a renewably sourced, biodegradable material that imparts a combination of functional properties in coating formulations to provide rheology control, coverage, print properties, binding strength, thickening, and operational productivity for paper and paperboard manufacturers. Protein binders run well due to excellent hydration, print well, are rigid and resist heat (blocking). Pro-Cote® products are designed to give superior performance in paperboard coatings formulated with any pigment system (clay, calcium carbonate, talc, TiO2) and can be used in size press, precoat and topcoat applications with any applicator type.

Selar® VP Breathable Resin

DuPont™ Selar® VP is ideal for fresh food packagers that require high and selective gas permeability to oxygen or water vapor. Because Selar® VP packaging breathes and lets gases transfer in and out, packers can pack fresh-cut produce as well as meet FDA guidelines on products such as fresh fish. Moreover, Selar® VP has strong forming characteristics, tight clingability, good machinability, ease of cutting, and it can be processed on conventional film converting and end-use equipment.

Sorona® Polymer

As a renewably sourced packaging material, DuPont™ Sorona® is suitable for a variety of packaging applications including films, sealants, foams and rigid containers. Sorona® offers excellent barrier properties, heat sealability, printability, toughness and helps meet customer demands for packaging materials that are not derived from petroleum.

Sustainable Packaging

Through research and technological innovation, DuPont is constantly exploring new ways to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment, while delivering uncompromised performance.

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DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials contain a minimum of 20% renewably sourced ingredient by weight.