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A Symbol of Added Value

The DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials symbol was created to bring as much transparency to DuPont bio-based products as possible. It not only works to educate DuPont customers and others about renewability, it also gives customers a marketing tool to capitalize on markets looking for renewably sourced materials.

Placement of the DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials symbol on product literature and packaging informs DuPont customers and others that a product contains a minimum of 20% renewable content by weight; many have higher content and a number of the products that DuPont has introduced have 100% renewably sourced content.

The exact content of renewable material can be found in the "Environmental Data" sheet for each product. The content is verified by using carbon dating, a well-accepted analytical technique used by ASTM International and the standard used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for determining the renewable content of products for its preferential procurement program.

Renewable Content Testing

The content of DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials is verified through the same methodology the USDA uses to determine if a product will be designated bio-based or not.

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DuPont™ Renewably Sourced™ Materials contain a minimum of 20% renewably sourced ingredient by weight.