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The trend to open design invites more glass and less visible framing and structural support, with an increasing structural role for advanced laminated glass.

The extra stiffness of SentryGlas® structural interlayer reduces glass deflection and helps designers achieve light, airy structures.

SentryGlas® used in structural fins helps further increase overall facade or canopy transparency.  For more examples, explore the Design Gallery.

glass fin on singapore facade

Fins add Flair in Singapore

Use of thinner glass fins was made possible by DuPont™  SentryGlas® at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and SkyPark, opened in 2010 in Singapore. » Singapore Sands Design Study
SentryGlas Open Edges call out
Open Edges, No Problem
Outdoor weathering tests began more than 10 years ago on open-edged laminated glass samples made with SentryGlas®. » Outdoor Testing Results
SentryGlas Strength of Glass call out
Model Your Glass Strength
DuPont's online strength-of-glass calculator compares deflections for user-selected sizes and types of glass subjected to model design loads. » Try it out
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Design of Lightweight Structures

The structural performance of laminated glass depends on load duration, temperatures, and the type of interlayer chosen. Compare SentryGlas® and PVB interlayer performance up to 80░C.

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