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Vehicle designers and safety engineers are creating a new class of performance based on DuPont safety glass innovations.

DuPont interlayers and composites can help build lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient family car sunroofs or wider and more spectacular views of the Mediterranean, through more durable yacht windows.

The following are examples of SentryGlas® use in marine and transportation.

Latest P&O Cruise Ship Features SentryGlas®

Windshields onboard the Azura, made of tempered laminated glass with durable DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayer, must withstand sustained wind forces of 250 kg/m2 » Learn more about marine glazing
Marine Glazing, Ruby Princess
Cruise ship uses lighter, safer glazing
DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayer helps meet new safety standards from Lloyd's Register, while reducing Ruby Princess weight by 50 tons. » Marine glazing case study
SentryGlas Marine and Transportation Lazzarus call out
Luxury that Lasts
DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers have helped custom yacht maker Sanlorenzo meet the needs of discerning customers. » Marine glazing for yacht
SentryGlas Marine and Transportation Mercedes sunroof call out
More Vista, Less Weight
DuPont™ Spallshield® provides step-change in automotive sunroof technology. » Sunroof safety glass
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Visit DuPont's automotive Web site for more information about the many ways DuPont materials are helping make cars safer.

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