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Storefront Glass and Retail Displays

Natural product colors are seen clearly — but stay safely secured — in retail storefront glass and display cases made with DuPont™ SentryGlas®.

Interlayer clarity and strength combine for 5 times the anti-penetration toughness of coventional laminated glass in retail environments.

The following area features examples of SentryGlas┬« use in storefront glass and retail displays.  For more design examples, see the complete Design Gallery.

Italy's Teleya — SentryGlas® Storefront Glass and Retail Displays

Less Frame, More View

Italy's Teleya showcases SentryGlas┬« in retail storefront glass using cable tension system to carry extra-clear, point-fixed glass with minimal framing. » More
Melbourne's Epping Plaza — SentryGlas® Expressions™ in Storefront Glass and Retail Displays
Add Some Expression
Decorative safety glass storefront delivers aesthetically striking extension at Epping Plaza retail mall in Melbourne » More
SentryGlas Strength of Glass Promo
Making the Case for Strength

Online strength-of-glass calculator lets you model laminated glass performance levels and alternatives for structural design

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