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DuPont™ SentryGlas® clear core interlayers help make glazed products safer and stronger. Manufacturers can create elegant new designs and framing systems taking advantage of the unique performance of SentryGlas®.

With many times the strength and stiffness of conventional laminating materials, DuPont™ SentryGlas® is changing the way manufacturers look at glass.

The following area features examples of SentryGlas® use in windows, doors, skylights and canopies.  For more design examples, see the complete Design Gallery.


residential laminated glass

Aesthetics, Security and Transparency at an Italian Villa

The strength and clarity of SentryGlas® interlayers enabled large glass panels at a private residence, creating a seamless continuity between the interior and exterior. » Case Study
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Clear, Strong Storm Protection
With SentryGlas®, manufacturers can design windows and other systems that meet some of the world's toughest standards for resistance to wind-blown debris. » More
SentryGlas Frameless Call out
Lighter, Stiffer Overhead Glazing
Because SentryGlas® is stronger and stiffer than PVB, it can help engineer overhead glazing systems that are lighter and use less framing material. » More
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Compare Performance

DuPont's online Strength of Glass Calculator can help you model glass deflection for alternative loads and thickness.

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