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DuPont™ Butacite® and Butacite® G Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) Interlayers

DuPont™ Butacite® and Butacite® G polyvinyl butyral (PVB) thermoplastic sheet materials are tough, resilient safety interlayers used in laminated architectural and automotive glass.

  Butacite® Standard Colors
Butacite® colors
NOTE: Online color displays differ slightly from colors seen in natural light or in finished laminates, and are shown here for approximation purposes. Click for larger view.

DuPont is a leading worldwide supplier of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) safety interlayers for use in laminated glass, and the only manufacturer offering high-quality PVB interlayers in a choice of either virgin (Butacite®) or 100% post-industrial recycled (Butacite® G) materials.

In automotive applications, DuPont™ Butacite® and Butacite® G interlayers add to vehicle safety by helping retain glass fragments in case of glass breakage. Because the interlayer is flexible and resilient, it also helps absorb impact and thus reduce head trauma in the event of a crash. The interlayer is clear or tinted, and can be supplied with tinted shade bands to reduce solar gain in vehicle cabins.

In architectural applications, DuPont™ Butacite® and Butacite® G PVB interlayers offer similar safety advantages by retaining dangerous shards in case of glass breakage. They are commonly used safety glass interlayers available worldwide in clear, translucent white, and several other popular solid tints for aesthetic effects or control of light transmittance.